The Poo Cup Revenge and Getting Even

Steaming cup


The poo cup revenge prank was used over and over for years by most of my college friends who were on my rugby team. I got more mileage from this one prank because it so funny and is definitely one of my favorites. The hardest part is pooping in the cup. If you are skilled enough to hold a large soda cup on your butt and poop into without getting it all over your hands, then kudos to you. Most people place a grocery bag in the toilet bowl and use the seat to pin it down. Poop in the bag then transfer the fresh stink pickle to the cup. If you want to avoid all this you can use dog poop out of the yard. I think thats kinda impersonal, but each to his own. Once you have a loaded cup you need to smuggle it into your victim’s house. This works best if your victim is a slob. It is easy to hide an old soda cup when the house is filthy. Hide it either behind a couch or under a bed. In a few days the odor will attach itself to everything in the room. It takes a few days for the stink to really ripen. It will drive the victim crazy trying to figure out why his place stinks. The source of the funk will be very hard to pin down sometimes if the house is messy enough. Since this biological attack happens days later you will be long gone and hard to connect to the scene of the crime.

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Find a good piece of trash while at your sloppy friend’s house. Things like used pizza boxes, old soda cups or carry out food boxes. The best attack I ever pulled off was with a used nacho container in my friend’s bedroom. I smuggled it out of the bathroom, pooped in it and smuggled it back to his room. Then hid it under his bed behind a bunch of dirty clothes. It took him days to figure it out and he was very pissed when he did. I was long gone and hard to connect to the scene of the crime. If you really want to leave a personal calling card behind so they know it was you, then leave an upper decker. Poop in the upper tank of the toilet instead of the bowl. If your lucky this will float around for days before magically showing up in the bowl after your victim flushes.


You will need to be alone long enough to pull off a multiple poo cup revenge prank. You will definitely want go to your victim’s house when they are away. Bring multiple poop cups and a screw driver. Go to each room and unscrew the air conditioning registers and take them off. Then place the poop cup deep into the duct work. Put back the registers and Viola, a perfect poo cup revenge gag! It will take the victim forever to locate the smell. Most of the time they will never locate it and will have to live in the funk for weeks. When their house finally starts smelling normal do this prank again.


Do the same poo cup revenge as above but before you sneak into your friends house be sure to drive around the neighborhood and collect some road kill. Simply add the road kill to the poop cup and attack. Not only will the oder become absolutely unbearable, you will also get the added bonus of fleas and mites that will infest the home.


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