How To Get Revenge

So you are looking for ideas on how to get revenge? From boyfriends revenge to office pranks and very gross revenge ideas, we cover all the bases. We have the best revenge ideas around!

Below you will find links to categories of some of the funniest and meanest pranks around. Check out the categories below for over 100 ways to get revenge.

Ideas On How To Get Revenge:

revenge pics of your ex

Revenge Pics Of Your Ex

Click here to see ex wife revenge photos and wife revenge ideas. This will give you some examples of how to get back at your ex.

boyfriends revenge

Boyfriends Revenge

How to get even with ex girlfriends and ex wives. Learn how to get an ex fired prank, gay website revenge prank, and ideas on how to ruin your victim's wedding.

girlfriends revenge

Girlfriends Revenge

How to get even with ex boyfriends and ex husbands. Learn how to get an ex fired prank, gay website revenge prank, and underwear and condom revenge.

serious revenge

Serious Revenge

If you really feel like you have been screwed over you might need to step it up and get serious revenge. These are the meanest ideas I have ever heard of. 

roommates revenge

Roommates Revenge

Did your roommate cross the line and now you need to know how to get revenge on them? This section has lots of great ideas, check it out.

office prank ideas

Office Prank Ideas

Learn the best ways to get revenge on your boss or co-workers. Make work fun again by pulling pranks all over your office. If you do it well nobody will know it was you.

senior pranks

Senior And H.S. Pranks

High school is one of the best times in your life to pull pranks. It's a great way to get back at your teachers and administrators, just don't get caught!

College Pranks

Parties, drinking, and bad judgment leaves golden opportunities to pull something. It's just so easy to get revenge with all the distractions on the side.

holiday pranks

Holiday Pranks

If you are looking for the best April Fool's pranks this is where you want to go. It also includes some funny Christmas and Halloween pranks.

phone pranks

Prank Calls

Prank calls have evolved over the years and now you can do some pretty nasty things with your phone. Click here for the details.

very gross revenge

Very Gross Revenge

You need a thick skin to use anything in this section! These are the most disgusting pranks out there.

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