The Flaming Bag Of Poop Revenge


This classic prank is probably the first one somebody ever learns about when they are a child. Even though it is old it has to be included in this section on poop pranks. I have tried to add some twists to this classic to give it new life. In case you just moved to this country or have been living in a cave you don’t know this one, let me explain it how it works. Load a paper bag full of poop and place it on your victim’s front porch. Light it on fire, ring the door bell and run. Go hide in a bush so you can watch the victim try and stomp out the flaming bag of poop. If the victim is dumb enough they will stomp out the fire and get flaming poop on their shoes.

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You will want to use a grocery bag liner that is strategically ripped so the poop will explode out of the bag when stomped. Place the ripped plastic bag inside a paper one then load the bag with poop. Water it down the so the splatter radius is massively increased when stomped. Nothing splatters like diarrhea! GETTING EVEN BONUS Do the same as above but use your own pee to create a nice soupy pee diarrhea mix. Why not let you victim experience all your bodies waste at on time?

GETTING SERIOUS REVENGE BONUS While the victim is being splattered by the flaming bag of poop containing the secret pee diarrhea surprise, run to the back of the house and knock on the back door loudly. YOU NEED TO RUN LIKE HELL AND GET OUT OF SIGHT. The victim will be so mad they will run through their house smearing the pee soaked crap into their carpet and tracking it all over their house. 


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