Learn About The Construction Of Secret Hiding Places With
"Stash Your Swag"

In "Stash your Swag: 100+ Secret Hiding Places For Under $50" you will learn about the construction of secret hiding places.

This economy is a rough one. As people lose their jobs and houses crime rates have risen quickly. Important papers and family heirlooms can’t be replaced and need to be protected.

A rookie mistake people have is they simply hide everything in one area or put everything in a safe. A safe is not as hard to break into as you would think for a professional thief. If the safe is small enough they usually steal the whole safe and drill the lock out later.

The best idea is to split your treasures into at least 10 secret hiding places in your house it will be almost impossible for a bad guy to find everything, and chances are if he finds one of the ideas in this book he will be very lucky.

This book can help you protect your stash from all the bad guys out there, not just burglars.

  • Find out why you cannot and should not trust banks with your possessions
  • Find out why safety deposit boxes are a bad idea in this economy
  • Find out how to make over 100 secret hiding places for under $50
  • Most of the ideas contained in this book are completely free
  • The book also contains interesting historical stories about secret hiding places with humorous twist

Buy this book, use these ideas, and sleep well in this high-crime economy.

"Stash Your Swag" Reviews

"In today's world of too many laws, this illustrated complete guide to keeping private things private is all you need for keeping unwanted hands off of your valuables." -- Mark Edge, liberty activist and 'Free Talk Live' radio co-host. Check out his national radio show at www.FreeTalkLive.com 

"This is a fantastic and creative list of places and ways to hide valuables. I live in an apartment and was under the false impression that I had no secure hiding spots, but 'Stash Your Swag' enlightened me. It also showed me new ideas for concealing my important belongings, including various spots in my car and within 'solid' items like walls." -- Mike, New Hampshire 

"Nice little book that was very easy to read & full of great ideas. Most of them cost nothing if you are handy around the house. It was extra enjoyable to have little historical stories that go along with some of the ideas. I will be utilizing many of these!" -- Katdoc, Amazon user

Learn About The Construction Of Secret Hiding Places

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