Wedding Pranks And How To Ruin A Wedding

wedding pranksWedding pranks can either make or break a wedding

Does your victim deserve to have their wedding ruined? Want to try to break up a wedding because you think the person they are marrying is all wrong for them? Do you think your best friend is marrying a tramp or a gigolo and you need to let them know? Perhaps you just want the victim to suffer because they are such a horrible person. I will give you a few ideas on how to use wedding pranks to get revenge.

The first idea is to try to strike before they get married. Convince the future spouse that the victim is unfaithful by spreading rumors using false emails and dating sites. Create a profile for your victim and try to start hitting on anyone that will talk to you. Give them your victim's name, phone of the future spouse, and address.

Wedding Pranks Evil Prank Bonus

Make the guests hate the marrying couple. Find out some of the people on the invite list and send them rude invitations. Suggest the gift they should bring and mention they should not come if they cannot afford to bring it. Pretend to be the victim and go change their registry to nothing but outrageously expensive gifts.

Getting Even Bonus

wedding pranksIt will causes massive stress and confusion on their wedding day

Find out all the details you can about the wedding. Wait until a week before and make some calls pretending to be the victim. Cancel their reception hall, band, photographer, cake, etc.

If you're lucky the victim won't find out until it is too late. Even if the victim finds out and repairs some of the damage it will causes massive stress and confusion on their wedding day.

Another idea is to hire an advertising plane that can pull a banner to fly over the outdoor wedding. Have it say something like "Don't marry that cheat!"

Getting Serious Revenge

If you cannot stop the wedding, you can wreck their honeymoon by canceling it. Cancel their flight and hotel. Report their car to the police and say they are acting like newlyweds to smuggle drugs across the border.

If none of this works and you can't wreck the wedding, you can send out rude thank you notes to the guest. Thank the guests for their cheap gifts. 

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