Website Revenge Prank

website revengeThis website revenge prank is so fun..

This is a prank that is fun to pull on your friends, coworkers and ex's. This revenge can be lighthearted or just a plain evil prank. You need to ask yourself how mean you want to go with this website revenge. If you plan on getting very nasty then let me say you should probably stay anonymous.

First things first, you need to hide your IP address. For the readers who are not tech savvy let me explain. Your computer has an address that leaves it's self on everything you look at on the net. Tech savvy people can trace anything you do back to your IP address and find you. You will need to hide this first before you start your attacks. The best way to do this is to use this program. This program is the best bang for the buck and the only one I trust. You will need it for many more of these pranks so I suggest you take a look. Hide my IP If you plan on just doing this to do a friendly prank you don't need to hide your IP. If you want to have real fun then I strongly urge you to buy that program and install it before you start the rest of this prank.

You will need an email address first. Go to Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail and make an account for your victim. The next thing to do is set up an anonymous website. I suggest you go here and set one up for free. Just use the templates Yahoo provides and make it easy on yourself. If you're feeling nice just put up silly pictures and make their interests a bunch of childish things like unicorns, Beanie Babies, and stuff like that. 

Website Revenge Evil Prank Bonus

If you want to get meaner then post unflattering pictures where the victim looks fat or stupid and send out an email to your friends saying look what I just found.

Getting Even Bonus

Still want meaner? Post your victim's website with an obviously gay overtone. Make it pink and put links to a bunch of gay organizations. Combine this with the gay dating prank and have some real fun. If your victim is gay, use obviously hetero overtones with links to non-gay Christian groups.

Getting Serious Revenge Bonus

website revengeTake it a step further by exposing their fetishes

Take it a step further by exposing their sick fetishes. Photoshop in some leather hoods and some bondage and voila. Then make sure you post your new site's address all over the victim's town's Craigslist page.

To really get the most mileage out of the website revenge send some anonymous emails to the victim's friends and family.

Just say, "I was just surfing this morning and came across this site, have you seen it?" or "I can't believe this is Jim's web page, did you know he had this perverted side to him?!"

That should start the rumor mill and the victim's friends and family will spread the address of the web page like a virus!

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