Very Gross Revenge Ideas: The Wonderful World Of Poop, Pee, And Toilet Attacks

very gross revengeVery gross revenge ideas. The site really would not be complete unless it contained this form of revenge

Welcome to very gross revenge ideas. Poop, pee, and toilet attacks fall into the world of getting even. The site really would not be complete unless it contained this form of revenge. Some artists use paint, others use metal and wood, but my true medium was poop. It adds a personal touch if you can use your own, but your dog will always be happy to give you a fresh supply.

I admit, we mainly did nasty pranks like this to each other in college. They normally revolved around long nights of drinking and partying. We would get home after the bars closed with nothing to do and poo based pranks seemed like a pretty great idea at 3 am.  Then someone would dare someone else to hide a cup of poop in a poor passed out friends room.  The next few days we would snicker and giggle every time he asked if we smelt something funny. 

This section walks a fine line between playing fun pranks on your friends and getting serious payback on your enemies. Some of these evil pranks are very crude but I am sure there are some people who appreciate this form of getting even.

If you offend easily you will want to return to the home page now! You have been warned!

I hope you take pride in your work and maybe even get some action shots of your victims. If you get a funny or evil photograph of your victim please send it in. If your truly ready to get your hands dirty with these free revenge ideas then please read on.

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