Spells And Voodoo Curses

spells and voodoo cursesSpells and voodoo curses are the ultimate form of anonymous revenge

Some people prefer to call in supernatural powers to do their evil pranks for them. Voodoo, spells and curses have been around since the beginning of man. The need for revenge and getting even has been vital since man started interacting.

The oldest know form of revenge is black magick, curses and voodoo. There is definitely something to this type of payback since it has not only survived the ages, but has flourished. It is the ultimate form of anonymous revenge.

People argue if spells really work, but in most cultures in the world they are taken very seriously. There must be something to them because they have survived for a very long time and have no hint of slowing down. In fact I had a good friend who got into doing curses and he swore they worked.  Within days of cursing his boss, he got very sick.  He said his spells worked on three people in just one month.

When I asked him why he stopped, he told me he was too scared to do it again. Apparently when you summon something dark to help you do your negative bidding, it sticks around. The more you use it the more it attaches to your life. He said he saw and felt dark figures follow him. It freaked him out so bad he stopped and never did a curse again.

You can find a spell or curse for just about anything you can think of. It is amazing the scope and amount of things you can use spells and and curses for. Everything from stealing a lover away to destroying your victims health, money and life. You can even learn how to use Voodoo dolls and charms to curse your victims.

Below you will find a list of ideas to use in your payback arsenal and get more information about spells and voodoo curses.

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