Serious Revenge

serious revengeNow that is serious revenge!

If you looked around this site and decided that all the pranks listed are funny but not mean enough, then read on!

I realized the pranks on this site are great but they are not hardcore enough for serious payback. I have been screwed over a few times in life by what I consider evil people and wanted to get even with those jerks! I searched and searched for revenge ideas but everything I found was funny and not mean enough. Nothing showed me how to completely crush and ruin some jerk's life.

These predators stole money from me, used me, played head games with me, and made my life hell. I wanted to cause that kind of pain in their life like they did to mine. I was always told revenge is an unhealthy way to deal with problems. I was told you should forgive, and living a good life is the best revenge. That's a bunch of BS! That is what people say who can't come up with a good revenge idea.

Don't get me wrong; when you strike back and get revenge your target will want to get revenge on your revenge. This is a cycle that gets completely out of hand and can get dangerous. The best way to get revenge is when your victim does not know you're attacking their life.

Serious Revenge: Stealth Mode


The solution is to use the art of stealth revenge. Getting even with some jerk feels good and really gives you a sense of justice, but getting even without them knowing it was you is the best feeling! Revenge can be very therapeutic and fun.

I thought and thought about how to get even with these opportunist predators and slowly came up with some very nasty revenge ideas. It took me a few years to learn how to get stealth revenge and attack with your identity being invisible.

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