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Senior Pranks and High School Pranks

I really didn't care for high school and could not stand sitting all day in classes I hated. I felt like time was in slow motion for 4 years and couldn't wait to go to college. The only way I kept my sanity was to screw with my classmates, teachers and school. I am proud to say I never got caught for any pranks I did because i carefully laid out my plans ahead of time. I did get Saturday school once for my sarcastic mouth , but to this day I still believe it was worth it. So since you can't say express free speech in a government school stealth prank attacks are your only option.

These pranks are mostly classics that people have been pulling on their high schools for years. There is also some pranks in this section that will be pulled outside of the school. I lumped them in this section because these classic pranks are some of the first pranks a student pulls.
Here is a word of wisdom I want to pass down. High school allows for some great pranks but you really want to remain anonymous. I had many friends in High School who were sloppy and got caught and suspended.

Remember the more people in on the prank the better chance you will get busted. The fewer people in on it, the better off you are. Most of the time you want to do these alone if possible.

Great high school pranks are in a class of their own. Usually they are large scale pranks and you will need access to the school during evening hours.


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