Roommate Revenge: Pranks For Housemates And Family

roommate revengePart of the fun of sharing a house is coming up with new roommate revenge ideas

Living with roommates, family, and significant others can really wear you down. Sometimes the only defense you have to protect your own sanity is to take solace in pranking others you live with. 

I was lucky and had pretty cool friends and roommates. Most of the time they appreciated and thought my pranks were funny. There was one roommate who just didn't get my sense of humor, and would get very anger every time I pulled a trick on them.  One of my pranks involving me dressing his dog up in a disco outfit, really pissed him off and almost ended our friendship.

One of the women I lived with had no sense of humor about my pranks. She just didn't appreciate my constant pranks and she finally broke up with me over it. All in all it was a good thing, who wants to be with a partner who doesn't get you right? You got to be yourself no matter what the cost.

Part of the fun of sharing a house with someone is the ability to pull gags on them. Some of the revenge ideas can get you in hot water, but trust me they are still worth doing. These pranks are lighthearted and you might have even used some of them on your brothers and sisters.

I have tried to put a twist on the old classics so check them all out. These pranks can definitely be turned up to the serious revenge level to run off an annoying roommate or to simply torture your family members for your own amusement. Most of these pranks you can do with everyday items, but sometimes it is worth it to check out the professional prank stores.

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