Revenge Stories, Questions & Answers

revenge storiesTell us your revenge stories here

This is a great place to tell the world your funniest or meanest stories of revenge. Did you administer some serious revenge on somebody and want to gloat. Please tell the story here, we would to love share your tale of payback. We also encourage you submit pictures or video of your payback. Nothing tells a great story like a funny picture of ultimate revenge.

This is also a forum to have your revenge questions answered by Dr. Revenge. Do you know some jerk just begging for some payback but your not sure what to do? Do you want some free revenge ideas to help you get even? We would love to help you, all we ask is you share the story of your payback and send it to us. All you have to do is just submit a question and we will get our revenge experts to answer you. 


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