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Pranking Teachers

I liked most of my teachers in high school, but there were a handful that were nasty people. Since you can’t openly tell a teacher to go to hell and stop ruining your life you must strike with stealth. Be sure to remain anonymous. Your teacher will suspect it’s you but will never be able to prove it if you do these right. That’s the funniest part they know it is you but can not do a damn thing about it.

Sure it was always fun to make a fake magazine ad about your teacher, but these days students need better pranks. First let us discuss substitute teachers. This is easy; you simply have to act like you’re a new foreign student. Have your friend say you speak some obscure Russian dialect. Every time you speak your language, it should be littered with words that sound very similar to cuss words. I would hate to substitute teach, I really have no idea why anybody would. Free Revenge Ideas Upgrades


If your teacher is a coffee or tea drinker there is a great prank you can do. You need to do this prank while the coffee or tea is still hot or it won’t work right. Distract your teacher and slip in these 2 types of powder in their hot drink. The first is Belch Powder Click here for Blech Powderand the second is Click here for Fart Powder

These powders are downright evil and are just plain mean to do to somebody. The best part about Pranking Teachers this way is your teacher will never have a clue while they got such horrible gas. If you are good at this prank, you can do this to your teachers or parents a few times a week.


I am not a big fan of government schools. One of the big reasons is because most of the teachers are incompetent and completely lost without their material. Just watch for a awhile and you will see where your teacher using their lesson plans. Most teachers use their lesson plans every years and all of them are in one big folder or laptop. You will need to steal or destroy this folder. If they have a laptop just format the hard drive and that will erase all there lesson plans. We stole a teachers lesson plans one year and the teacher was seriously crippled and worthless for the rest of the year.


Pranking teachers with this can get them fired. Take it a bit further and make a website for your teacher. Make some good rumors about how they are attracted to underage people. Photoshop some good pictures of them and their alternative lifestyle. Here is how to set it up. Make an anonymous email account and then go to Myspace or Face book and make your victim a webpage. If your serious about Pranking Teachers you need to make sure the webpage address gets out anonymously and your classmates and they will spread it everywhere. Put some seriously sick stuff so the school administrator will fire them when they “accidentally” gets the website’s address. You will get totally busted and this page will get traced to you unless you hide your IP address. Make sure you hide your IP first before doing anything else. Here is the best program to hide your IP with. Hide my IP Address Program


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