Pranking Other Students

Homework prank

Pranking Other Students

Sometimes students were more annoying the the teachers. We had tons of jack ass students who were a real pain to deal with. Instead of confronting them you will get much more pleasure screwing with them all year. The home work switch is a fun way to get them in trouble. When you get a homework assignment, make an extra fake one that is not only all wrong but very rude. Be sure to not make it your handwriting. There are 2 ways to switch the homework. The first is to switch them while everyone is handing them up and the stack comes across your desk. The second way is to wait until after class and get to them when your teacher leaves the stack of homework unguarded.

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The next way is to put itching powder in locker. Ideally if you can get access to their back pack, that is where you want to strike. Be careful not to get this stuff on you, it is seriously evil and will cause you terrible irritation. Here is the best place to buy the stuff. Click here for the best Itching Powder

Poster Prank


Design a bunch of posters of your victim. Try to make them look like child kidnapping ones you see at the post office. Post them all over and listen to the rumors run through school that your victim was kidnapped.


Take it a bit further and make a website of your victim. Make an anonymous email account and then go to Myspace or Face book and make your victim a web page. Have fun with it and make it horrible. Make sure the address gets out and your classmates and they will spread it everywhere. Put some seriously sick stuff so when a school administrator “accidentally” gets the webite’s address, it will get your victim suspended. You will get totally busted and this page will get traced to you unless you hide your IP address. If your serious about Pranking Other Students you will need this. Here is the best program to hide your IP with. Hide My IP Program


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