Pet Makeover Revenge

pet makeover revenge


This is great prank to do to someone in college or the office who owns a pet they are crazy about. When I was in college a girl there was a rugby player that went everywhere with her dog. The dog was super sweet so I didn't want to do anything that would ever harm the dog. Breaking in her house was super easy because in college nobody ever locked all their doors, especially when they lived with roommates. I dognapped her dog and left this note behind. "Dear Nicky, I went out on the town dancing. I will be back later tonight". Then I went to the thrift store and bought a very small 70's disco shirt and some 70's accessorys. I dressed the dog up and tied the shirt down to fit right. I opened the chest and put the butterfly collar up. I also ad droned the canine with some properly 70's bling and little baby shoes spray painted gold I tied on to her paws. The dog was surprising good natured about all this and enjoyed the attention. I sneaked over later that night and quietly opened the back door and let the dog back in. I stayed outside until I heard hysterical laugher and took off. As usual I denied the incident when questioned.

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The Pet Makeover Revenge can also be done with a cat. A word of warning, very few cats will put up with you dressing them so if you try it you better be ready to get the hell scratched out of you. Another fun thing to do to with cats and small little furry toy dogs is to use this prank. Get a big can of petroleum jelly and spread it thick all over the pet's coat. The pet will track it every where in the house and the owner will have to spend a good amount of time scrubbing it out of their coats.


Here are some more Pet Makeover Revenge ideas involving cats. . You can use somebodies cat to rearrange a Christmas tree. I saw this done by my friend's wife who got very drunk. She picked up the cat and dropped it in the rugby house's Christmas tree. The cat climbed around the whole tree attacked the ornaments. The cat did very thorough job and threw every ornament on the floor. It was hilarious to watch and the cat seemed to really enjoy his work. Needless to say the owner of the Christmas tree was not at all pleased.

pink dog


This is another funny Pet Makeover Revenge prank. I pulled this gag on a teammate's dog on April fool's night. This trick only works on light colored pets like white or tan. I dognapped my friends Dalmatian and dyed him pink. Dogs have sensitive skin so you can't use any chemicals. The best way to do this is to take a couple of red or blue juice mix packs. Basically your looking for colored sugar water. This way when the pet tries to lick it off it won't hurt him. I returned the dog later that night but he stayed pink for over a week.

If your really daring you can shave a message to your victim into the dogs coat.


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