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office prank ideasAre you looking for office prank ideas?

The world of office pranks ideas really needs its own section. There are just so many fun ways to screw with your office workers for your own entertainment.

The 9 to 5 rat race is depressing enough, so the only way to keep your job fun is to stir up some mischief. Some of the most fun you will ever have is screwing with other employees. If you master it it you can screw with them anonymously and really drive them nuts. Nothing is funnier than watching someone who can't figure out why tricks keep happening to them at work. This is esspecially fun to do to a work bully or boss who makes your life miserable at your job. If you get good enough at it you can keep pulling tricks on them for years.

Lets face it , most jobs suck, so you have to find creative ways to make it fun. below is a list of some of the funniest pranks I pulled on my fellow employees. Don't ever admit you are the office prankster and see how long you can keep it going. 

Do you have an annoying boss or coworker who is just begging for a prank to be pulled on them? Well then, let me help with some free revenge ideas.

A word of warning here, some of these tricks can possibly make your boss or coworkers very mad. Unless your boss or coworkers have a great sense of humor I would stay under the radar and strike anonymously. Even though you want to make your office life much more interesting I don't think it would be too funny to get fired. Be careful with who you pull these on, because some people cannot take a joke.

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