Mean Coworker Pranks

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Sometimes coworkers can be unbearable to deal with. Instead of openly dealing with your problems like an adult, I recommend childish passive aggressive pranks. Simply drive your co-worker crazy until they quit or blow up at work and appear unstable. Here are some great ways to convince them to quit. The first thing to do make them unproductive as hell so they get way behind on their workload and the boss will get angry with them. The easiest way is to do this is to call them at least 30 times a day and hang up. This is especially funny if your victim has to say "Hello this is Pam how can I help you" 30 times a day. Make sure you call from a blocked line and stay out of site when you do this.

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Wait until the victim walks away and you can mess with there computer without being caught. Open there word processor program and set up auto correct to change legitimate words into misspelled words as they are typed. Then go to their password settings and change it to a a bunch of random letters. The next morning when they get in and turn on the computer they won't be able to get past the new password. They will waste most of the day waiting on some IT guy to show up and fix it. They will loose a whole day of work dealing with this and the boss will get pissed at their incompetence. Wait a few days and repeat. Make them look like they are stupid as hell and keep accidentally changing their password.


Mess with the boss's food and plant the empty bag in your victims trash can. When the boss gets mad about their missing lunch, play stupid. Eventually the boss will start looking around and find the planted evidence. Nothing gets you fired faster then messing with the boss's stuff.


Step up the Mean Coworker Pranks by getting the victim fired. Hopefully you have done all three of the above pranks to get your boss pissed at your victim. Now start sending anonymous emails about how you worked with the victim at their previous place of employment. Warn the boss to keep a careful eye on them because they can't be trusted. Continue by saying they cost their last company a ton of money because they wasted so much time on the phone and kept screwing up the computers around the office. MAKE SURE YOU HIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS if you are going to do this so the email doesn't come back and get you fired. This is the best program for the price out there. The best program for hiding your IP addressSend it from a public library or coffee shop if you can't hide your IP address. Hopefully the boss will keep a hawk eye on them and you just need to keep making the victim unproductive until they are fired.


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