Holiday Pranks

Holiday Pranks

Nothing spices up the holidays like a good prank or practical joke. Holidays create a special opportunity to make mischief. I remember when we were kids we used to set aside nights around our school holidays just to go out and prank people. There are just so many great holidays that provide themselves as targets for a good pranks.

Halloween pranks are always funny and pretty easy to do. Halloween night has been pranked so much that it is now associated with mischief. You will find some classic Halloween pranks here as well as some new twists.
Christmas is an overlooked and underrated holiday for pranks. This is a rookie mistake because the holiday is a great time to pull practical jokes. You will find some classic Christmas pranks here as well as some new ones.

The grandfather of all prank holidays is of course Aprils Fool's Day. A true professional does not just strike on April Fool's Day but also attacks all month long. A true revenge artist will stretch this holiday out. Here you will also find some classic April Fool's day pranks but some new ones too.


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