Halloween Revenge

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Halloween Revenge

There are so many funny tricks you can pull on Halloween. I found sometimes it was more fun to screw with the group you out trick or treating with then peoples houses. Lets start there. inevitably when your going out trick or treating with a large group you will get split up. You want to get out in front of your victim so you go to the house before they do. Once you have a house lead on them you can start screwing with your victim.

One of the funniest pranks we did is tell people that the victim is diabetic. Say something like "Hey my sister is coming and she is dressed like a ghost. Please don't give her any candy because she is diabetic. She will deny it but please don't give her any."

This will piss your victim off when they get apples and oranges all night.

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There are lots of fun ways to screw with the candy your handing out. There used to be these cheap little hard candies wrapped in bright foil that we always used to get as kids.

We realized these little candies looked just like bouillon cubes (the little salty squares you throw in soup). So we used to buy the candies to hand out and slip a few cubes in.


Of course you can step it up with your Halloween Revenge and hand out chocolate laxative candies. You will need to buy a similar looking chocolate candy and exchange the wrappers. Try to pick a common candy so that is does not get traced back to your house.

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One of the funniest pranks is to leave a bowl out front full of a nasty liquid. You can use Jello, vomit or even poop. Just fill the bottom of the bowl and then arrange the candies on top. When the victim reaches in they will get a surprise.

P.S. This is not too smart to do in front of your own house. This prank is much funnier if you plant the bowl at a victims house.


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