Girlfriends Revenge: Getting Even With Ex Boyfriends & Ex Husbands

girlfriends revengeGirlfriends revenge: "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned"

Nothing inspires such angry payback as a woman scorned. The famous quote "hell has no fury like a woman scorned" says it all. It feels great to get even with a lying cheating jerk.

This section of the website is designed to help you bring down the fury on your victim. If you have been scorned and want payback you're at the right place. We offer some free revenge ideas that run the gambit. You can pull some silly pranks to get them back or you can get much nastier.

If you're looking for pranks that won't get you in trouble or possibly arrested there are tons elsewhere on this site. Take your time and look around. The ideas below will be a little meaner and hopefully let you get some degree of revenge. 

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