Ghost Computer Prank

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Ghost Computer Prank

I also used this prank on my employees, why anyone would work for me I have no idea. This works best if your employee who has very little computer knowledge. The easiest thing is to just change the victims screen saver or wallpaper. I put up a very unflattering picture in which a female employees thought she looked extremely fat. You can imagine how mad she was when that picture was the wallpaper on all the office computers and she had no idea how to change it.

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I decided to continue torturing this employee by messing with her screen saver. You can make a dirty screen saver or I would make it say mean things about her fellow employees. So the office would go to lunch and the screen savor would kick on and say something insulting. The message would be like “Jennifer really thinks her new haircut looks good, Ha Ha ….. Meg.” Jennifer got pissed off at Meg but it was great fun.


I then decided to convince her that her computer was haunted. In order for you to pull this off you have to get the computers close enough to each other. Side by side cubicles work the best for this prank. Get the computers close enough to switch the monitor cords. Jennifer would sit down and I could see her move the mouse on my screen. I sent a message to her screen saying “STOP TOUCHING MY MOUSE"!. Then I would write“Touch my mouse slower and softer, yeah that’s it baby!” . Use your imagination and have some fun with this one. By the way those are not really my employees names. I changed their names to protect their identity.


The last thing you can do is spy on your co-workers. This can get you in MAJOR hot water, but what do you care? You will have enough blackmail information on all your coworkers and boss perhaps will never get fired. Most employees are not technically savvy enough to understand networking. If all the office computers are on the same network you have accessibility everyone else's monitors. Actually if you’re the boss and own the computers it is completely legal to do this to your employees. A much better solution is to install a key logger which will let you see everything a person does on their computer. To understand how to set this up so you can see what your coworkers are doing on their computer check out this link. The Best Keylogger Program


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