Getting An Ex Fired Prank

getting an ex firedGetting an ex fired is pretty hardcore revenge

Getting an ex fired is pretty hardcore revenge. Sometimes your ex is such a jerk they deserve full blown payback.

We will examine some ways just to make them the butt of their office's jokes. Let's start with making them uncomfortable at work.

For the first prank you will need to find a very unflattering picture of them. Then find a company that makes a life sized cardboard clone of them.

Have the clone delivered to their lobby for everyone to see when they come in. If the picture is funny enough their coworkers will never let them live it down.

Getting An Ex Fired Evil Prank Bonus

getting an ex firedThe receptionist will get non-stop calls from telemarketers looking for your victim

If you want to step it up a level then do this prank. Before you do this you will need to hide your IP address or you can easily get busted. You will need this program before doing this prank.

Give your victim's work phone number and the office's address to the receptionist. Now Google 'home based business info' and visit those sites. You want to sign your victim up to ones that want your phone number and personal info. 

Only give them the victim's work phone number, not your victim's home number. You are looking for ones that say they will contact you after you enter your information.

What happens is these information-collecting websites sell the info to telemarketers. Now if you do this on about 20 pages, the receptionist will get non-stop calls from telemarketers looking for your victim. This will go on for weeks, possibly months.

Just keep giving the victim's information out on these sites every few weeks. As a bonus do the same thing to their cell phone and all these calls will burn up their minutes and drive them crazy.

Getting Even Bonus

If you have access to their work email address, you can also cause tons of problems doing the technique listed above. Hopefully their email is monitored and their boss will be tipped off that the victim is looking to start a home business. Which leads right into the next revenge idea.

Getting Serious Revenge Bonus

If you're really interested in getting an ex fired you will want to find out who their main workplace competitor is. You will want to construct a fake rejection letter from the main competitor. You would want to send the letter to their work with no name listed so the receptionist will open it.

The letter should say something like, "Dear victim, after careful consideration we have to reject your application. We have to admit, your offer to bring over all your accounts from (victim's company) and information was very tempting, but we were advised by our attorneys that this would be highly unethical. We are sorry and we want to wish you good luck in your job search."

If you have access you can also leave this letter in the fax or copy machine for a fellow employee to "stumble" across. Be sure if you do this to not leave fingerprints on the envelope or paper. You will also want to mail it from a mailbox that is not in your neighborhood. 

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