Gay Dating Prank

gay datingUse a gay dating prank on your ex

This is a classic payback that you will want to use. Although it is an older idea it still is very funny. If your ex is homophobic it is self explanatory. If your victim is gay then replace this revenge idea with straight Christian dating sites. You want to stay anonymous on this one, trust me. First thing's first, you need to hide your IP address. For the readers who are not tech savvy let me explain. Your computer has an address that leaves itself on everything you look at on the net. Tech savvy people can trace anything you do back to your IP address and find you. 

You will need to hide this first before you start your attacks. The best way to do this is to use this program. This program is the best bang for the buck and the only one I trust. You will need it for many more of these pranks so I suggest you take a look. The way to start this prank is to do some surfing and find some gay dating sites.

If you can't find a free one then go to your town's Craigslist website. If you don't know what Craigslist is, it is a free classified online newspaper. Click here if you want to check it out. When on Craigslist, check out the gay dating section.

Now you know where to place an ad, you'll need an anonymous email address. Go to Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail and make one in your ex's name. Now simply write an ad and post it.

Gay Dating Evil Prank Bonus

If you use the Craigslist technique you will more than likely get flagged when the victim finds out. You will just have to keep posting new ads. To get the most out of the Craigslist technique you want to put up any compromising pictures you have of your ex and put all the details including their home and office phone number and their address. You will have to disguise the info to get it up, but look at the other ads to figure out how to do this.

Getting Even Bonus

Start responding to the gay pick-up emails you get and save them. Send a picture of your ex and say you want to meet up at their office or home. Hopefully you know your ex's routine and send the gay interest to their house or to their work. Be sure to send all the people you have been corresponding with to your ex's house around the same time. This will really piss off all parties at your ex.

Getting Serious Revenge Bonus

Why not take it a step further and post a prostitution ad on Craigslist? Go to the erotic services area and you will see prostitution ads. Why not put one up for your ex? If you're really lucky the police check those ads all the time and they might contact your ex. If you did not hide your IP address with this Hide My IP you will be sorry when the cops coming looking for you. 

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