Free Voodoo Spells

free voodoo spells

Free Voodoo Spells

When you use free voodoo spells you need to ask yourself what has your victim exactly done to you. Usually a good spiritual rule of thumb about revenge is this. You only want to make them suffer the same amount of pain they caused you. If you make them suffer much worse then they made you suffer, then you are out of balance. If your out of balance the powers that be will find a way to balance things out again.

So lets be very clear here, if you overdue the revenge it will come back and bite you in the butt. So if your victim deserves some serious revenge, they better have caused you serious pain.

Sometimes just plain spells are not enough to get the effect you want. Most revenge spells are on the side of Grey and Black magick, so you will want to focus there. There are just so many great spell and curses to use on your victim.

They run the gambit between just bad luck spells to horrible life shattering illness curses. Try to shop around an find the right one for your particular situation.

Free Voodoo Spells can be found at the free spell websites but I really recommend you also just spend a little money and get these books. I have done a ton on research trying to find a good spell book. The buzz and opinion of many of the voodoo chat rooms is that these 2 books are the biggest bang for the buck.

Don't take my word for it, you can visit the sites I found below. The word in the forums is that these books are probably going up in price in the next few days. I would buy these in the next 2 days if you are serious about getting very powerful spells at the best price. My search for a legitimate spell book has come to an end!

I have to say I was throughly disappointed with most of what I found out there and I STRONGLY advise that you do not take chances with any programs other then the ones I have listed below.

1st Book I Recommend

2nd Book I Recommend


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