Firecracker Revenge

Firecracker Prank

Firecracker Revenge

The Firecracker Revenge is a safe prank to use on your house mates. Setting firework traps for your roommates to stumble onto is an old and celebrated tradition that goes back to our countries founding fathers. I am sure Sam Adams used these against John Adams all the time. The easiest traps to lay are the string pull kind. If you are not familiar with what a sting pull firecracker is let me explain it a little better. This is a firecracker with a long string hanging out on each end. When you pull the strings hard the fire cracker blows up. These are great fun to tie onto your roommates door knob. What you will want to do to set this trap is to tie the string around the door knob. Pin the other string down by tying it tightly to a well anchored tack pushed hard into the door frame. It will be a fun way to help your hung over or groggy roommate wake up.

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Fun snaps are another firecracker that provide tons of entertainment. Let me explain what they are. Fun Snaps are little white balls of paper with powder inside. They make a surprisingly load pop when they are thrown or stepped on. Lay these all over the bathroom floor, when they get stepped on in such a small room they should be quite noisy.


We had tons of fun with this old trick in college. I don't smoke and people smoking next to me or in my house drive me crazy. We had a girl on the rugby team that always insisted on smoking. I would steal a pack of cigarettes from her unguarded purse and plant small firecracker sticks called cigarette bangs in the end of the cigarettes. These are sold in a small pack of 10 and say Exploding Cigarette Bangs. This is the best place to buy them, take a good look around this site has some very funny gags. Click here for Cig BangsWe would laugh so hard when she would pull out a cigarette at a party and it would blow up in her face. We ruined tons of her cigarettes over the years and made her very paranoid about smoking. GETTING SERIOUS REVENGE BONUS

One of the funniest ways to use the firecracker prank is to combine the string pull firecracker and fun snaps. Use the string pull as a tripwire and then lay fun snaps all over the floor. The victim will walk out of their room and hear something blow up on their feet. They will jump and run out of their room and step all over the fun snaps on the floor. For the best results when using the Firecracker Revenge prank make sure to set the trap in the bathroom and unscrew the light bulb.


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