Fire Sale Revenge

Fake car sale


Again I fell victim to this one after toilet papering my friends house. He retaliated a week later with the fire sale. Basically this can work for many items your victim owns which can be seen by the public. My friends did this prank to my first car, a 1985 Chrysler Lebaron. All they did was put a sign on it saying “must sell today, only $50, runs great” Needless to say only minutes later some poor schmuck saw it, brought his whole family to see it and take it for a test drive. When he knocked on my door and I answered I had no idea what he was talking about. The man kept insisting that a maroon Chrysler Lebaron was for sale in front of my house for only $50. After repeating telling him that I really had no idea what he was talking about I shut the door on him.

He pounded on the door and adamantly insisted I go take a look with him. I went outside and lo and behold there was the sign. I instantly knew who did it because the sign also had green shamrocks drawn on the corners. Then I saw a car load of my Irish friends howling their heads off as the spun out from behind a bush in their car. Needless to say the poor guy who thought it was for sale was super pissed and stormed off.

Free Revenge Ideas Upgrades


Try this on your children’s bike, skateboard or possessions they won’t put away.


Put a sign on an item before midnight that reads” Must sell tonight, Only $50. PLEASE KNOCK ON DOOR, I WILL BE UP LATE NIGHT WAITING”. Sit back and enjoy watching some schmuck wake your tired and dazed friend at 1 A.M. to buy his car.


Wait until you know your victim is leaving town. Place a sign on the vehicle or boat that says “MUST SELL TODAY, I WILL BE RIGHT BACK, PLEASE WAIT”. Make sure you leave all your victims phone numbers. Then sit back and enjoy all the calls from the incredibly pissed off people who have been waiting for hours to buy it.

P.S To enjoy the Fire Sale Revenge all weekend, make sure to glue the sign down to the windshield so the victim can’t tell the pissed off buyers to take it off. If they do tear it off just replace it as soon as they leave.


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