Fax and Copier Pranks

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Fax and Copier Pranks

Although fax machine technology is on it’s way out many offices still have them. It is fun to screw with copiers too. Let's start with the pranks for fax machines. The oldest fax machine prank is to simply send your victim a solid black sheet about 50 times. When the victim's fax starts printing, it will completely burn up their ink. This used to actually break old fax machines that could not handle that much printing. This might not break a fax, but since ink cost so much now it will really make them mad.

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The never-ending fax is another classic that still is funny. Write a funny message or get a funny picture of the victim and print it out. Make 3-4 copies of the print out and glue them end to end. Make sure all the pages are facing the same direction. Call your victims fax number and load in the long sheet. Wait for 2 pages to be sent and then quickly glue the first page to the last page so it creates an endless loop. The message will continually be sent over and over until somebody cuts the paper.


The copy machine is fun to mess with too. Of course the classic prank is to copy your butt. A word of caution, if you weigh too much you will fall through the glass and hurt yourself. Another fun prank is to use a dry erase marker or a permanent one if you know you are getting fired shortly. Write a funny message like "Lance likes your grandmother" on the glass of the copier. Most people don’t even look at the glass before they use the copier. If you are really lucky they will copy a whole stack of papers by using the document feeder treys. They will probably walk off while the copier goes to work and will be pretty mad when their entire stack of copies has your message all over it.


If you want to be even more stealthy you can add just a few selective sheets of a funny message into the copier’s stack of blank supply papers. This way when people copy a whole stack of stuff, just a few gag sheets will be hidden in the stack. They probably will be discovered much later and it will be impossible to pin it on you. If you get really lucky your company will fax those copies out without seeing the messages and they will spread to another office like a virus.


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