Computer Pranks

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Computer Pranks

For all of these pranks you will need access to the victims computer for a short time. This prank would be ideal for an office or roommate situation. These are safe silly pranks that are just annoying to people. An easy prank to pull is to screw with the power options. This works on non-computer savvy victims. Here is how to do it: Go to start then, control panel, then power options. You will want to select "turn off monitor to 1 min". This will cause the monitor to turn off every minute that it is not being used. This becomes incredibly annoying if the victim can't figure out why this is happening. Be a real jerk and also set the hard disks to turn off every 3 minutes.

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Another fun thing to do is to change with someones sound's. You can record your voice saying funny things and replace the normal sound accompanied computer functions. Have some fun and do your best Mr. T impression saying " welcome fool!" or "access denied jive turkey fool!". Don't forget to turn the sound up. You will be able to set your own sounds by going to start, then control panel, and then accessibility options.


Have some real fun and screw with the language option. Be sure to change their password first, then change the language on the computer. Choose and Asian or Middle East dialect so they can't figure out how to even do basic functions. Here is how you change the language. Go to start, control panel, then regional and language options and finally pick a language.


This classic prank has been around for awhile but it is great, especially if the victim is not computer savvy. It will completely stump your victim. This prank makes their desktop look functional but nothing will work.

Here is how to do it. Take a screen shot of victim’s desktop. Right click desktop, arrange icons, then click show desktop icons. Click this so that icons are hidden.

Next, right click tool bar, then select properties and then take off lock the tool bar and put on auto-hide. Lastly, set desktop picture as desktop.

Now when the victim tries to open anything on their page they will think something is wrong with their computer. The victim will try and open their folders and nothing will happen.


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