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College Sex Prank

Some of the funniest pranks we ever did in college in involved nudity and sexual jokes. This is not a new idea by any means. Jokes that involved nudity have been making people laugh since there was the invention of college. It can even go back as far as the Romans. The Romans frequently drew obscene sexual graffiti to get revenge on their politicians and popular figures.

The simplest nude prank that still is very funny is streaking. Streaking really came into it's own in the 60's when countless people were doing it at public events. Even though it is harder to pull off these days it is still a very funny prank if you have the balls to try it.

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Of course streaking a graduation earns you extra Kudo points. It was a fairly common prank to be naked under your graduation robe and flash the crowd when you got your diploma.

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Embarrassing nudity was always the consequence of loosing a drinking game to your fellow rugby teammates. As time went on the nudity pranks got funnier and funnier. It started with streaking a random dorm hall to standing in the campus fountain and pretending to be a naked statue.

One of the funniest nudity pranks I ever saw was when a fellow teammate lost a drinking game and had to go to the local convenience store naked and bring back a napkin. That poor 7-11 was the victim of some sort of nudity ever week!


Of course the best college sex prank is to ruin your friends chances of hooking up and having sex. I remember when we were coming back from a party and saw a fellow rugby player having sex on the couch in the main room. Of course we sneaked in quietly to interrupt this. One of my teammates sneaked up with a feather and kept tickling his feet from behind the couch. The fellow rugby player having sex knew he was caught but his date didn't. The situation left him in a very uncomfortable spot if he should finish having sex or not.

Anytime you can block your friend from having sex you should, it is always funny!


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