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college pranksPulling college pranks on others makes school a lot more bearable

Some of the best of the memories I have are pulling pranks on each other in college. It is a golden opportunity in life to master the craft of pulling pranks. Not many times in life gives you full time access to passed out drunken friends. You can use this to your advantage and screw with them without them knowing. Your poor hungover victim wakes up the next morning and stumbles to class with one eyebrow, painted face or worse.

I can't stress enough that you should take full advantage of this time in your life. Take your time and plan your revenge well. Recruit your friends and really take your pranks to a whole new level.

Pulling pranks on others make college a whole lot more bearable. After all college students' lives are so hectic. A student's life is hard when you live on bulk cheap noodles and ketchup packs you ripped off from the local taco joint. It is so stressful to get drunk at 10 am, skip all your classes, and watch old 70s sitcoms. Yep life is very tough for the young college student.

The only way to alleviate this stress is to pull pranks. I have listed some of the tricks I pulled off when I was in college. There is also much more disgusting pranks I pulled off in college under the Very Gross Revenge Ideas area. Be warned don't go to that link unless you love lowbrow humor.

A word of warning: it is always better to do these revenge ideas and remain anonymous. Some of these pranks will bring down a terrible wrath if you're caught and will start a prank war that can last for years. Make sure you pick a victim that is too chicken to fight back or remain invisible during your attacks. 

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