Classic Senior Pranks

classic senior pranks

Classic Senior Pranks

Everyone has heard of most of these pranks but they are still worth mentioning because they are pretty funny. The first involves screwing with a fountain. If your school is dumb enough to have a fountain they might as well paint a bull’s eye on it. Fountain pranks have probably been around since the days of Rome. You can dye the water, or fill it with tons of bubble bath. You can use laundry detergent or on Halloween use dry ice to make it bubble and mist. If there is no fountain then you will have to fill the laundry machines or leave a sink running into a bucket of bubble bath.

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A prank that is still funny is to stack all the cafeteria tables on top of each other.

Another Classic Senior Prank that might be impossible to do these days because heightened school security, but the classic car in the school is worth mentioning. It was a very popular prank back in the 70’s and 80’s but much harder to do now. Basically a group of students would disassemble a car and reassemble somewhere in the school.


This is a much meaner and more destructive prank that will piss the whole school off. Wait till schools out for the day so nobody will see you. You will need to buy lots of extra strong glue. Go down the halls and glue each dial on the lockers. Don’t forget to put glue in the keyholes to. Be sure to wear gloves because this gets very messy and your fingerprints will be everywhere. The next day the entire school will be locked out of their lockers and the administration will have to break the ruined lock off each locker. This will take days before everyone can get their books or assignments out of their locker and will massively disrupt every class.


This is also one of the most destructive Classic Senior Pranks pranks that will piss off the whole school, so again you will want to remain anonymous. You will need to get lots of old ground meat. Buy the cheapest stuff you can find and let it age a day or two. Get some gloves and a mask and stuff thin layers of meat into envelops. You will then go to your school on a Friday afternoon when nobody sees you. You want to go on a Friday or before a holiday break to give the meat a few days to rot. Take the thin meat filled envelopes and stick them through the vents on the locker. The meat will heat up, rot, stink and leak all over everybody’s stuff in their locker. You would be surprised you don’t need much meat to make this work and if you do it before a week long break there will be flies and maggots everywhere.


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