Ceiling Fan Pranks

Fan Prank

Ceiling Fan Pranks

Ceiling fans can be great fun to use as traps. They are a great way to distribute collateral damage to everyone in the room. Of course the old classics are to use confetti or glitter and place it on the top of the fan blades. When the fan is turned on the confetti or glitter everywhere will be thrown everywhere. I prefer to use glitter. You can buy a bag of glitter very cheap and when it sprays all over the room the victim will never be able to get it completely cleaned up. Glitter is just so messy and hard to get up. If you don't believe me just ask an adult entertainer how hard glitter is to clean up.

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EVIL PRANK BONUS Another classic way to do this is load the tops of the fan blades with coins. When the fan turns on and gets some speed going, it will dump the coins everywhere. Warning these coins can really hurt if the fan gets enough speed going.


If you want to be more malicious you can use open ketchup packs or tacks on top of the fan blades.

You can also put anything on the blades that would be a real stinky. Tape small sardines or meat to the the top of the fan blades. You will need to distribute the weight evenly so the blades still spin normal.

Another way to screw with the victim is spray fox scent on the light bulb. After the bulb heats up the fan will blow the nasty funk everywhere. The victim will never figure out where the smell is coming from.


If you want to be a jerk and destroy someone’s room use small plastic cups of liquid. Now of course you can use water and give your victim an indoor shower. If you want to be completely foul you can use other liquids. Fill the cups with dye, sewage water or pee and really piss them off.


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