Boyfriends Revenge: Getting Even With Ex Girlfriends & Ex Wives

boyfriends revengeThese boyfriends revenge ideas run the gambit depending on how mean you want to get

These revenge ideas run the gambit depending on how mean you want to get. Sometimes you need a minor prank that is just enough to send your ex a message without getting you in trouble. Other times you want to get downright nasty and ruin your ex's life like they ruined yours.

Feel free to search the entire site and find a prank that is just right to use in your situation. Be very careful and I highly recommend you remain anonymous. No victim is more dangerous to get even with than a pissed off ex girlfriend.

Sure, posting an embarrassing ex girlfriend picture like this one is fun to do, just make sure you follow all the recommended ways to hide your identity. Most importantly you need to find a good program to hide your IP address before you post anything. 

Be sure to look around the whole website for revenge ideas but these are probably the best ones to start with. 

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gay dating prank

Gay Dating Prank

website revenge

Website Revenge Prank

getting an ex fired prank

Getting An Ex Fired Prank

underwear and condom revenge

Underwear And Condom Revenge

wedding pranks

Ideas On How To Ruin Your Victim's Wedding

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